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Welcome to the home of the JERSEY PINBALL ASSOCIATION

Because the Garden State Pinball Association (GSPA) is defunct at the present time (and has been since 1998), I have taken over the responsibility of running the pinball leagues that were to be held at 8 On The Break (8OTB). A.J. Fried, the person who was in charge of the GSPA, was unable to continue running the leagues, therefore I decided to take over so there will be at least one pinball league running in the state (the pinball league that I'm running is the only one that I know of in the state of New Jersey). In doing so, I decided to change the name of the organization running the leagues from GSPA to JPA.

The JPA will hold its 10-week pinball leagues at 8 On The Break every fall, starting the first Wednesday after Labor Day in September, and every spring, starting in early to mid March. The JPA league has started its 32nd season.  The JPA welcomes new players of


to join its Leagues. For more info or to sign up for a league, e-mail Koi Morris at If you're signing up for the League, please include your phone number and your first and last names in your e-mail.

The Fall 2014 League Season has begun on 03September2014 at 8OTB in Dunellen, NJ.

Fall 2014 League player list as of 03September2014 (in alphabetical order by first name):

1) Al Chamberlain*

11) James Ross

21) Michael Wittnebert


2) Alan Dedovich

12) Jason Zahler

22) Paul Drabik


3) Alberto Santana

13) Jay Steinberg

23) Sanjay Shah


4) Brett Casey

14) Jeff Lupowitz

24) Scott D'Agostino


5) Dave Baiano

15) Jody Jodon

25) Steve Bowden


6) David Pucciarelli

16) Joe Oesterling

26) Steve Joe*


7) Debbie Baiano

17) Joshua Senzer

27) Steve Rosario*


8) Ed Zeltmann

18) Koi Morris

28) Steve Zahler


9) Frank Pesh

19) Lou Nemphos*



10) Frank Semcer

20) Michael Pucciarelli



*Newcomer to the League.

There are a maximum of 40 players in any one Season.

To see the Pinball League Overview/Summary of the League Rules, click here or on the appropriate menu item above.